Residential Roofing Company in Austin

Everyone knows about the great big storms Austin and the surrounding areas had and continue to deal with on a daily basis. It was a crises that put some families lives in danger and businesses were not able to open their doors. What we often miss in all of this are the businesses that do really well during bad weather. One type of business is a roofing company. We were able to chat with a local roofing company that concentrates on residential roofing in Austin. The company was busier than ever due to the recent bad weather and high winds.

Barker Roofing and Solar is a local residential roofing company that offers many different styles of roofs and roof material.  Such as metal roofing, flat roofing and more.  The company has great client reviews and has been a long time business right here in Austin.  For years the company has been a thriving business and we have enjoyed watching them grow.  The business is now very busy due to all of the recent storms.  We talked with and they were optimistic about their company growth and also about the community all coming together to help each other after the storms.  The company has seen a lot of different roof damage since some of the residents experienced high winds.

If your family or friends experienced roof damage of any type you can call Barker Roofing and Solar and set up an appointment with them.  You can reach them at 512-447-7663.  They have heard it all so give them a call and let them know what type of roof you have and what seems to be the issues.  During the massive amounts of rain a lot of people discovered they had roof leaks. We don’t experience a lot of bad weather or rain in this area so the major amounts of rain put everyone’s roof to the test and some didn’t pass.  If you do have roof damage it is best not to wait to repair the damage.  The longer you wait the damage can actually create more damage.

Be sure to check out Barker if you have any damage or need an estimate.  If you experience commercial roof damage they also take care of that and you can read more on their site


Tips for better start for small business


So, you are starting your own firm? It’s a small business and you are still a small fish, no one knows you, you don’t have any connections or credibility? This is a problem most of the enterprises will encounter at the very beginning and there are some professional advises on how to maximize your chances and move up in a big corporate world. One of them is knowing the right people, or being known by them. But there is a lot of difference between saying and doing so. The latter one is much, much harder. And what can you do when in company of people able to decide your business destiny?

business-consulting1Listen – these guys are big for a reason, they are important and influential because they know how things work. So if you pitch them your idea or talk about your business, listen to what they say about it. Soak in every information, if they tell you the flaws in your plan, remember those, or better yet – write them down. If you come up with a solution on the spot, share – that will show that you listen. Or go home, think about it and come back with a better option. This will help you grow in the right direction.

cubedwellerBe short – explain what you have in few quick sentences, don’t talk for an hour. For the people you are talking to, time is money, and they don’t like anyone who wastes it. Be concise and on the point, this will please them more and also make your goal clearer and easier to understand. It will also show that you already thought about your business idea, and if you haven’t – you really should, don’t expect a second chance if they smell you are wasting their precious time.

SmallBusiness_BannerBe brave – like with a good looking woman in a bar, everyone is looking, no one is coming forth. If you meet in the right situation, and if it is polite to engage a conversation, don’t be afraid to step up and ask. Experiences may vary, but you will never know until you try. People will look as you make your move and wish they were you, so make sure you are the one talking and not the one being sorry.

business-consultingBe polite – seeing Bill Gates at the gym (as if), running on a tread mill is bad time to talk business. Try figuring out when people are welcoming and in the mood for talk and when they are not. If you see some important businessman or CEO in the park, playing with his or hers kid, it’s probably not a good time to interrupt as it may get you the opposite effect.

Communicate – you never know who you are talking to or sitting next to. The guy you cut off can be your future boss and a guy you helped with the door could be your business partner. be polite and nice to people as you never know who they are or what connections they have. This should be the general rule of being a good human, but if there is no other way to get there, consider this your encouragement.